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Raspberry pâte de fruits recipe – perfect for gifts.

These make great Christmas presents as they’re a change from the festive obsession with chocolate. Plus they are simple to make and store well. I did experiment with a sour sugar mix for the coating, by adding a small amount of citric acid to the sugar sprinkle mixture. I loved it, but was certainly in the minority. So, for my Christmas batch, I have coated one with the sour mix so we can play ‘pâte de fruit roulette’! Inspiration for this recipe came from the chef Francis Atkins. By using frozen berries I could use Scottish raspberries that were picked and then frozen whilst in season. A digital probe is easiest to assess when you hit the 110C mark but an old style jam thermometer will do the same job. Just make sure the pan is small so the liquid is deep enough to reach the mark on the thermometer to take an accurate reading.


500g of frozen raspberries

500g of caster sugar

125ml liquid pectin


Heat the raspberries in a pan until they thaw out enough to purée. Once defrosted add the sugar and pectin then purée the mixture.


Heat until the mixture reaches 110ºC. It should be quite gloppy by this point.


Pour into silicone moulds or a 20cm square tray lined with silicone paper to set. Allow to cool at room temperature and then set in the fridge.


When set, cut into squares or turn out of the moulds and sprinkle with sugar.  Pâte de fruits keep well in the fridge in a sealed container.